Entrepreneur, Founding President of the Turkish Esports Federation

Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1985. After studying his primary education there, he moved to Turkey and completed his education in Eyüboğlu High School in Turkey. He later graduated from the Department of Economics at Koç University.

Özdemir has played an active role in putting many construction, museum, and culture/art projects into effect in his first position of his business life at his family company Progem.

In March 2011, he founded Krombera, a social media and digital marketing agency. Krombera was listed among Wired UK Hottest Startups of Europe 2013 as the only agency and named as one of the 100 fastest growing companies of Turkey by TOBB twice in a row. In 2013 he founded a sister agency to Krombera: Anibera Animation Agency, which was the producer of “Evliya Çelebi and the Elixir of Life,” the first Turkish animation movie. Anibera continues to be one of the leading animation studios of Turkey with its many domestic brands.

Özdemir, besides being an investor for various internet and media companies—as well as agencies, is also Ekotürk TV’s Vice President of the Executive Board, a Fenerbahçe congress member, and on the Endeavor Advisory Board. He is married with one child.

Following closely the developments in the esports field both in Turkey and internationally, Alper Afşin Özdemir strives to help esports, which is becoming a bigger global market each day, improve its place in our country, to train more new athletes, and to raise awareness about esports. Özdemir is the founding president of the Turkish Esports Federation which was founded in 2018 April. Alper Afşin Özdemir is also among the founding board members of the European Esports Federation, which was founded in February 2020 with Turkey as one of its founding member nations.